The Valley Insight Project, an initiative of the RMH Foundation, seeks to engage a diverse base of community leaders within the Harrisonburg-Rockingham region to glean information and observations regarding healthcare philanthropy. Information gathered will assist the Foundation in understanding experiences and perceptions regarding the healthcare provided at Sentara RMH Medical Center, the role and impact of the RMH Foundation on the patient and caregiver experience, and recommendations for prioritizing pressing community needs at the hospital.

Coming out of the pandemic, it goes without saying that we’ve been through a lot. To change the tide from being reactive to each crisis as it comes, we’re taking stock of where we are and setting a path ahead. We need the community’s input to do so.

We are a local organization and a local asset. We are better stewards of our resources when we gather local input, reflect it back to our board, and infuse decisions we make with input directly from the community. The community’s perception of philanthropy is at the heart of what we do. We need to be regularly communicating with others to discover exactly what the community’s perceptions are, the values that unite us, and how we can best respond to community need.

Your input and time can impact the community’s health. Will you please help us by taking this brief survey:

Valley Insight Project Survey

For generations, support for the RMH Foundation has meant the difference between a cancer survivor who beat the odds, a mom who holds her newborn for the first time and a heart attack victim saved by the newest equipment. Today, philanthropy also brings mental and emotional relief, first time access to some, second chances for others and in simplest terms — it brings hope to our community.

How can charitable donations make a difference in your health? Local business leader Larry Showalter sits down for coffee with the RMH Foundation to provide his insights as part of the Valley Insight Project - a project to listen and help inform how local donations stay local and give back: