A long-standing tradition and an initiative of the RMH Foundation, the Employee & Volunteer Gifts Campaign is a special way we support our peers and patients at Sentara RMH. Not everyone else has what we have... we are the only division in the Sentara system with a dedicated fundraising campaign to benefit staff. We are counting on you to continue the culture of giving back to the place and people who support us every day.

Since 2013, this annual campaign has raised over $1.14 Million... all from caring and generous SRMH employees and volunteers. Gifts of all sizes - small or large - make a difference and your gift can be doubled through Sentara's Charitable Match Program.

Funding from this campaign supports our own - providing financial support to employees facing an emergency through the Employee Relief Fund, awarding of professional scholarships, and funding other career development opportunities. Additionally, thousands of dollars have been directed to the RMH Priority Fund for the hospital's greatest needs and designated toward specific hospital departments for equipment or educational purposes.

Will you join us in supporting and developing our own while simultaneously improving patient care? Make your gift today using the form below to join the flock.