Frazier Quarry’s #HopeField event will be raising money to help purchase cardiac monitors for
Rockingham County Fire and Rescue.

Don’t you just love sunflowers?

It is almost that time of year again when the fields just outside of Harrisonburg, VA on Route 33 East  (2704 Spotswood Trail Harrisonburg, VA 22801) are painted in gold with growing sunflowers that were planted earlier this summer.

The Frazier Quarry will be opening the gate for three days of picking sunflowers and providing support for heart monitors to Rockingham Fire and Rescue. Click here to learn more about this years donations to the Hope Field.

#HopeField Dates:

~Friday, August 24th Noon -6:00PM
~Saturday, August 25th 8:00AM -6:00PM
~Sunday, August 26th 8:00AM -6:00PM

Can’t make it to the field? Support the project by clicking here

More about #HopeField

These monitors enable heart attack victims to receive the most timely treatment possible. A quick response in treating a heart attack victim can be the difference between life and death. That’s why in cardiac care they say time is muscle…the more time you save while treating a patient, the more heart muscle you preserve.
The monitors currently being used by local fire and rescue are old and outdated.

The new monitors will:
*Be able to transmit their findings to the hospital during transit, enabling clinicians at the hospital to be informed and ready to treat the patient just as soon as they enter the doors.

*Provide more accurate feedback to fire and rescue workers as they are treating heart victim, including higher quality EKG readings and CPR feedback to ensure the proper administration of CPR

*Be compatible with hospital equipment and therefore ensure a smoother transition from the rescue squads to the hospital.