Institute for Nursing Excellence and Innovation

Why is it important to support nursing?
When you or a loved one falls ill or injured, you want the best nursing available at your bedside. Indeed, nurses are at the center of care that each patient receives. Nurses administer medications, serve as a link between the physician and the patient, and provide the hands-on attention that is critical to each patient’s health…and in some cases survival. Put simply, excellent patient care requires excellent nurses.
What is our commitment to you?
As there are more people in our community who are sicker and require increasingly complicated healthcare, and as we have fewer experienced nurses to care for them, there is more to be done.

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Our Vision
Through this effort we aim to improve patient care, accelerate clinical leadership, and make a marked improvement in our community’s health. The Institute for Nursing Excellence and Innovation is proposed to realize this vision and cement this dedication to our patients, our nurses, and your community.