New 3-D Mammography

Heidi Rafferty, MD Sentara RMH Women's Center
Heidi Rafferty, MD
Sentara RMH Women’s Center

 Your generosity provided a new view…a detailed look that can save a life.

Early cancer detection from mammography saves lives. What you might not know is that your generosity is helping local doctors, like me, find breast cancer even earlier… helping save even more lives.

Recently donations to the RMH Foundation helped provide new 3-D mammography equipment, called tomosynthesis. This cutting edge imaging technology enables us to examine breast tissue in three dimensions – a new view that was previously unavailable.

With a more complete and accurate picture, we can detect and begin treating cancer earlier than ever before.

This is one of many examples of how donations given to the RMH Foundation stay in our community to help save lives and advance the health care our community needs.

And your generosity is helping to make it possible. Thank you again.

Heidi Rafferty, M.D.
Breast Surgeon
Medical Director of Women’s Services

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