Help babies #SleepTight

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: You put your young infant to sleep peacefully and wake up to find them unresponsive.  After trying to wake them, the dread hits … your young child passed away in the night. And while it is a nightmare to consider, it is a situation that in many cases is preventable.  That’s why the RMH Foundation is teaming up with the Sentara RMH Family BirthPlace to help babies in our community sleep safe.  Through the “Sleep Tight” campaign donors can make a gift to provide safe bedding for young kids at risk of sleeping in an unsafe sleep environment.

Each year approximately 3,500 infants die from sleep related deaths in the United States according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.  In many cases, infants are in unsafe sleeping situations because their parents lack resources.  Your gift can help make sure these babies have the safe environment they need to sleep tight.

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A gift of only $50 will buy one pack and play
Your $50 gift today can help prevent tragedy and provide a safe sleep environment for a newborn.

In fact, safe sleep is such an issue here in Virginia that it is now state law for new parents to receive safe sleep education.  The bill was signed in to law in 2015 after a report from the Virginia State Child Fatality Review Team found that in a single year “119 infants less than one year of age died unexpectedly in a sleep environment in Virginia, approximately one infant every three days.”  The report went on to say, “After natural disease, sleep-related death is the leading cause of infant death in Virginia, a loss of life nearly 10 times the number of infants who died as a result of abusive head trauma and almost 30 times the number of infants who died in motor vehicle collisions. The [Review] Team concluded that 95% of these deaths were preventable. Nine out of ten, 90%, were related to an unsafe sleeping environment.”

We can all agree that a single preventable infant death is one too many.  Your gift today can help make sure more babies in our community sleep tight, and most importantly, sleep safe.