2020 Employee and Volunteer Gifts Campaign!

Be one of the flock!  Support our 2020 Employee and Volunteer Gifts Campaign!

This is Marcus, Renee, Troy, and Corie and we want to thank you for all you do – to care for others. We have seen our team come together to improve health everyday across every practice, in every facility, for every patient and family who walk through our doors during COVID-19.

For the last several years, our Employee and Volunteer Gifts Campaign was held during April achieving record-breaking results. This is a crazy year for us to be the campaign co-chairs. It has been our honor to be your partner and witnessed the care you have given and resilience you have shown. Our campaign brings together employees to demonstrate the remarkable impact we have by giving back and the camaraderie we build through when we join together.

The pandemic changed everything all across Sentara RMH. While so much is still uncertain, what we know for sure is that our team has done so much during COVID-19. We have shown our community, our Valley, the world, and ourselves what Sentara RMH already knew – that you are real-life heroes.

We are asking you to do consider doing one more thing. We want you to join us, make whatever gift as you can, and become a Team Flamingo Member

Support the 2020 Employee and Volunteer Gifts Campaign

We are not conducting our Employee and Volunteer Gifts Campaign with our usual flair and fanfare. This year, the flamingos just want you on Team Flamingo. When you make a gift, you decide what your gift supports. We have three special funds for you to consider for your support:

    • Help support the Crisis Response Fund for the most-immediate needs in the COVID-19 journey.
    • Help replenish the Employee Relief Fund to assist our own co-workers during this special time. (In 2019, 38 co-workers were assisted with $68,000 in relief funds. The only way this fund happens is through your gifts made to this campaign.) Especially this year, we believe there will be an even greater need for this fund to help our co-workers. Your gift can help ensure this fund is there ready to help when needed.
    • Help your own department or another department in the hospital.The flamingos remind us of the RMH Foundation’s 100% Promise: 100% of your gift stays local here at Sentara RMH, 100% is put to the fund you designate, and 100% strengthens the care you and your loved ones receive.Well, it was just our luck we were asked to be the campaign co-chairs just as COVID-19 was coming…it has affected all of us. Bottom line, we are glad we are finally able to come together and hold our campaign.