“I alone cannot change the world,

             but I  can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.”

Mother Teresa


Together, we make an awesome impact on the health of our community!

Looking forward, there is much the White Rose Giving Circle can do in 2018, together, which is how we do it best. In several weeks you will receive a renewal letter in the mail and I hope each of the “84 strong” 2017 members will renew for another year.  Thank you to the members who cannot attend every meeting but still choose to be part of the Giving Circle – you are appreciated and your membership absolutely counts!

We are also looking for new members so we have more funds to gift to compelling projects. Start thinking about who you would like to invite.  I will email a list of current members and prior invitees so you can be thinking about additional awesome women who might like to join us.

Why join? With each of us, together, we can make a significant impact on the health of our community. Below is just one example.

Inside Sentara: Community Health Partners (the internal, state-wide newsletter)

Sentara RMH Using Community Health Workers to Improve Patient Outcomes

Patra Reed, DNP, RN, CNML, CCCTM, is the Director of Integrated Care Management for the Sentara Blue Ridge Region. As part of her doctorate program in Nursing Practice at James Madison University and the help of a $200,000 grant from the RMH Foundation, Reed piloted a program in the Sentara RMH service area that used three community health workers (CHW) to serve as liaisons to help meet the medical, welfare and community health needs of patients with chronic health problems.


Community Health Worker roles can include the following:

*Health education, including chronic disease management;
*Healthcare system navigation and determination of need for relevant community referrals;
*Arranging transportation to/from healthcare appointments;
*Measuring and documenting blood pressure;
*Reviewing home environment for potential safety concerns, including the use of assistive devices and other self-care equipment and;
*Assistance with financial associated paperwork and forms

The role of the CHW at SRMH was to act as a patient advocate and healthcare navigator in assisting with resource allocation and management in coordination with the Continuum Case Manager and other healthcare team members. Additionally, the CHW team members completed training through the Community Health Workers Network (CHWN) which was developed by the Virginia Department of Health in conjunction with competencies specific to this SRMH role. Initially the pilot involved 41 heart failure patients, but based on the impressive results of that initial study, Reed was able to expand the program to include other patients with chronic health problems.

Reed’s pilot lasted two years and resulted in very significant outcomes for these patients including enhanced quality of life, reduced incidence of hospital readmissions and visits to the ER, and decreased healthcare costs.

“We are extremely excited about our results,” Reed says. “We have recently completed a second study with equally positive outcomes for other chronic disease populations. The patients love this service—these individuals often have many unmet needs—medical, psychosocial and financial—that cannot always be met within the walls of the hospital. This program offers an RN and CHW team to partner in meeting these needs, which in turn results in positive outcomes for the patient and the organization.”

Patra Reed earned her degree in December 2016. Based on the patient outcomes from this pilot and Reed’s research we will look to implement this great program at other hospitals in the future.

It’s truly a life-saving, cost-saving “good for everyone” program. Isn’t it great to be part of a ground breaking venture that may be implemented state-wide? The White Rose Giving Circle gave $20,000 to begin and sustain it!


Big thanks to our 2018 Steering Team!
MJ Chewning
Robyn Hill
Martha Ross
Sallye Trobaugh
Jenny Bolt
Dawn Kern

Sherrill Glanzer
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