Institute for Nursing Excellence and Innovation Excellent Care Requires Excellent Nurses

Taking care of those who take care of us

When you or a loved one falls ill or injured, you want the best nursing available at your bedside. Excellent patient care requires excellent nurses. 

The RMH Foundation Institute for Nursing Excellence and Innovation was created to advance Sentara RMH’s tradition of nursing excellence and support our local nursing staff. 

Since establishment in 2015, the generous community support of the Institute for Nursing Excellence and Innovation has provided nearly $900,000 in scholarships for our local nurses as they advance their education and training. Your gifts help nurses like Charity: 

Donors have directly made a huge difference in my life and the lives of my patients. Providing scholarships and financial assistance to continue my education and have access to state-of-the-art equipment is a game-changer. – Charity Trissel, RN, Sentara RMH

Especially in the last few years, many of us have become aware of the nursing shortage in this country. Locally, the story is the same. In fact, the combination of workplace exhaustion, retirement, a shortage of nursing faculty, increased sub-specialty needs, and the COVID-19 pandemic has put us in an historically poor position. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Registered Nursing is listed among the top occupations in terms of job growth through 2029.” We have a challenge and an opportunity ahead. 

Taking care of nurses who take care of us is perhaps as basic and easy to support of a project as any that exists. And, 100% of your donation will be used here in our community. Resources provided through the Institute for Nursing Excellence and Innovation will elevate the benefits provided by Sentara RMH and provide scholarships and academic support to Sentara RMH nurses, and provide equipment used in clinical simulation training. 

Nurses are at the center of the care each patient receives. Let’s come together to care for them!

Our Impact

Help provide extraordinary care, close to home.

About The RMH Foundation

The RMH Foundation exists solely to support Sentara RMH Medical Center and enhance its mission to improve health and promote wellbeing. Sentara RMH has been able to significantly improve the care patients receive because of gifts from our caring and generous community. One hundred percent of donations directly benefit patients and our community through the purchase of new equipment and support of compassionate programs.